Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1] Is there a minimum amount of boxes I need to buy or can I buy just one box?
Ans: No minimum required. You can buy just one box.

2] Do you deliver to residential customers and is there a minimum amount or a fee?
Ans: We do deliver any type of boxes and packaging supplies to residential customers only, the fee depends on the location and the order size. To have more info, please call us at 888.687.1200 and will be happy to assist you for boxes delivery service.

3] How can I give you the measurements of a box in a way that you will know which one is the height and which one is the length?
Ans: There's a universal rule for giving the correct measurements of a box. You start with the box's length, width and last is the height. The length is always the larger of the first 2 numbers.

4] Why would I choose a used corrugated box instead of a new corrugates box?
Ans: Used corrugated boxes are at least 1/2 cost of the same new corrugated boxes. Our used corrugated boxes are clean and in good condition. Don't forget the fact that you will be helping with boxes recycling, and will be doing a lot of good for the environment.

5] What is a Corrugated Box?
Ans: Corrugated is paper pulp rolled into a sheet of different thickness, then run through a specialized machine that takes that sheet and creates on it a series of cuts, glues them together and then folds into a box. A corrugated box. The corrugated box is a solid box, firmer than a regular box, is able to protect your valuable and will handle shipping and handling with less damage. Use it for all your needs and buy no boxes other than corrugated boxes.

6] What is an overrun corrugated box?
Ans: An Overrun Corrugated Box is an excess box or a surplus box, new and obsolete, made for a certain product that has been discontinued. It could also be a new box with a misprint label, writing r a mis-sized box. Overrun corrugated boxes are new boxes, recyclable boxes and cost cheaper than new corrugated boxes. Ideal to move objects from one point to another that don't need labeling or storing, to fill with articles to donate, to fill with material that will stain or soil the box for sure, and other uses where labeling is not required and where there's no need for plain brown or white boxes.

7] When do I need to pack in a Gaylord box?
Ans: A Gaylord box, being a larger, thicker box that can hold up too 2000lb is used for, smaller heavier products, such as plastic pellets, electronic recycling, a combination of smaller but heavy boxes. Use a Gaylord box to maximize your storage space, to group parts for the same purpose, for heavy small objects.

8] How fast of a turnaround for a custom made box?
Ans: We manufacture custom made boxes on demand and it normally takes 3 working days for it to be ready. The earlier in the day you give us an order for a custom made corrugated box the best t is. You can call us for prices and sizes at 888.687.1200.

9] Is there a minimum order for custom made boxes?
Ans: No, you can order only one custom made corrugated box. But the more you order the cheaper it gets.

10] What is the largest size for a custom made box I can order?
Ans: We have custom made boxes as large as 71" x 20" x 54". Large enough to move in.

11] Do you sell Packaging Peanuts by the pound or how do you sell it?
Ans: Packaging Peanuts are sold by the cu ft, we have 1 cu ft bags, and 14 cu ft bags.

Boxes for Special Requirements are also available on urgent Basis

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